Balanced Parantheses using Stack C Program

C Program To Check Balanced Parantheses using Stack Data Structure

Learn How To Check Balanced Parantheses using Stack Data Structure in C Programming Language. This C Program checks if Parantheses of an Expression are Balanced or Not using Stack Data Structure. If the parantheses do not match or if the Number is not even, then the expression will have unbalanced parantheses. This C Program checks Nesting of Parantheses in an Expression as well.

The parantheses used in an algebraic expression are: { [ ( and its matching Right parantheses. The Number of Paratheses should, therefore be even or in other words, the opening parantheses should be equivalent to the closing parantheses. For every opening bracket, there should be a similar closing bracket.

Algorithm To Check if Parantheses are Balanced or Not

  • Declare A Stack
  • Input Algebraic Expression from the User
  • Traverse the Expression
    • Push the Current Character to Stack if it is an Opening Parantheses such as (, [ or {.
    • Pop the Current Character from Stack if the Expression has a Closing Bracket such as ), ] or }.
      • If the Popped Character is matching the starting parantheses, then the Expression is Balanced else it includes Unbalanced Parantheses.
  • After Traversal is completed, if there is any remaining Left Bracket in the Stack, then the Parantheses are not Balanced.

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C Program To Check Balanced Parantheses using Stack in an Algebraic Expression


Check Balanced Parantheses using Stack Data Structure in C Programming

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