DFS Algorithm using Recursion C Program

C Program for DFS Algorithm using Recursion

Learn How To Implement DFS Algorithm using Recursion in C Programming. This DFS Algorithm in C Programming makes use of Adjacency Matrix and Recursion method.

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What is DFS Algorithm?

DFS Algorithm is an abbreviation for Depth First Search Algorithm. This DFS method using Adjacency Matrix is used to traverse a graph using Recursive method. Any given path in a graph is traversed until a dead end occurs after which backtracking is done to find the unvisited vertices and then traverse them too.

In the recursive algorithm for Depth First Search C Program, we have to take all the three vertex states viz., initial, visited and finished. Initially, all the vertices have its status as initial. When a vertex is visited, its state is changed to visited. The status of a vertex becomes finished when we backtrack from it.

C Program To Implement DFS Algorithm using Recursion

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C Program To Implement DFS Algorithm using Recursion and Adjacency Matrix

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Implementation of DFS Algorithm in C using Recursion method

In case you get any Compilation Errors or any doubts in this C Program For Depth First Search Algorithm using Recursion for Traversal of a Graph, let us know about it in the Comment Section below. Find more about this algorithm on GeeksForGeeks.

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