Find Quotient C Program

C Program To Find Quotient of Dividend and Divisor

Learn How To Find Quotient of a Dividend and Divisor in C Programming Language. Here, we have demonstrated different ways of calculating the Quotient of a Number.

What is a Quotient?

A Quotient is an Integer which is achieved after you divide one number by another number. If you divide 10 by 5, the answer 2 is the quotient.

Formula To Get Quotient

Dividend / Divisor = Quotient

Get Quotient of a Number in C Programming

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Method 1: C Program To Find Quotient of Dividend and Divisor

Method 2: C Program To Get Quotient using Functions

Method 3: C Program To Calculate Quotient without using Division Operator

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C Program To Find Quotient without Division Operator, Functions

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