Heap Sort Algorithm C Program

C Program For Heap Sort Algorithm using Heapify

Learn how to implement Heap Sort Algorithm in C Programming Language. The heap sort in data structure can be solved by using Heapify or with Linked Lists. Here, we have demonstrated algorithm for heap sort in c using heapify technique.

What is Heap Sorting Algorithm?

A Heap is a binary tree that satisfies the two properties:

  • Heap Order Property: The key value in every node must be greater than or equal to the key values in both its child nodes.
  • Structure Property: All the levels have maximum number of nodes except possibly the last level since all the last level nodes occur to the left.

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The Heap Sort Program is performed in two phases:

  1. Building a Max Heap from the given elements stored in the array.
  2. Continuously deleting the root node till there is only one element / node left in the tree.

The root node of the heap always has the largest element. If we successively delete the root node, elements can be fetched in descending order by deleting them one by one. Now, these deleted elements can be stored in a separate array.

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C Program For Heap Sort Algorithm using Heapify (Arrays)

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Heap Sort Algorithm Analysis

The first phase of this algorithm has a running time of O(n). However, the delete of the nodes takes O(log n) time, making the complexity of the second phase as O(n log n).

Heap Sort is a stable sort and it is an in-place sorting algorithm. The space complexity of the heap sorting algorithm is O(1). This algorithm is preferable for larger lists. The average case complexity, worst case complexity and best case complexity of heap sort program is O(n log n).


Heap Sort Algorithm in C Programming using Heapify and Arrays

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