Newton Raphson Method C Program


C Program For Newton Raphson Method

Let us learn how to implement Newton Raphson method in C programming language using functions and for loop.

What is Newton-Raphson’s Method?

This method is also popularly known as Newton’s method. It is used to find roots of a real-valued function.


The Newton’s method is a better approximation method as compared to some other numerical methods. It is based on the idea of simple linear approximation.

The Newton – Raphson method converges faster than Bisection method and False Position Method.

This method is named after Isaac Newton and Joseph Raphson and is used to find a minimum or maximum of a function.



Formula for Newton-Raphson Method

Newton-Raphson Algorithm

  • Calculate values of derived_function(value) and function(value)
  • Calculate m = function(value) / derived_function(value)
  • While m is greater than the allowed error
    m = function(value) / derivfunction(value)
    value = value – m

Flowchart For Newton – Raphson Method

Newton Raphson Method Flowchart in Numerical Methods

Note: This C program to find roots of an equation using Newton – Raphson Method has been compiled with CodeLite IDE with GNU GCC compiler in Microsoft Windows 10 operating system.


C Program To Implement Newton Raphson Method


C Program For Newton Raphson Method in Numerical Methods

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For more information on netwon-raphson algorithm, check Wikipedia.

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