Stack Data Structure C Program

C Program For Stack Data Structure using Array

Learn Implementation of Stack Data Structure in C Programming Language. This Code For Stack in Data Structure using C Programming is based on Array Implementation. The Stack Data Structure can be either accomplished through Linked Lists or Arrays. The program below is a Static Implementation of Stack using Array in C Programming along with a complete explanation.

All about Stack Data Structures

A Stack is a Data Structure that stores in elements within it. It works on LIFO Principle. LIFO is an abbreviated form of Last In First Out. In Stacks, Data Elements are Inserted and Deleted from the same end which is generally referred as TOP. The TOP is a reference pointer that enables data processing operations such as INSERT, DELETE, PEEK. A Stack is an example of Linear Data Structure in which all the elements are arranged in a linear sequence.

Here, we have written codes to Insert, Delete, Display and Peek Operations in a stack. A Stack can also be implemented using Linked Lists in C Programming Language.

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C Program For Stack Data Structure using Array (Static Array)

Condition To Check If Stack is Empty (Stack Underflow Condition)

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Condition To Check If Stack is Full (Stack Overflow Condition)

Application of Stack Data Structure in Real World

  • Evaluation of an Expression or Mathematical Expression
  • Depth First Search Algorithm
  • Processor Scheduling Algorithms
  • Conversion of an Infix Expression To Postfix Expression


C Program For Stack Data Structure using Static Arrays

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