Study Computer Science in Russia

By | October 2, 2017

Learn programming in the best countries and save on your commute with Dollar Car Rental in Moscow, Russia. Study computer science in Russia to master the world of algorithms.

Russians win the Olympics of programming since they are masterminds at calculating math problems in a short time. Plus, studying in Russia is affordable, easy and flexible. Best yet, it is inexpensive to live and commute.

Make your time in Moscow worthwhile and visit Dollar Car Rental to lock in a great car rental deal in Moscow. Enjoy the beauty all around from cathedrals to park at historical Moscow Kremlin.Spend a great evening and enjoy an opera show or theatre play at Bolshoi Theater.

Relax, get on the slides or spend some time in the sauna at Aquapark Karibiya. Get away from the noise and experience a quiet and calm environment full of colourful flowers at Aptekarskiy Ogorod Botanical Garden.

Study in Poland and learn the Java language like a native speaker. No worries you’ll also code like a badass. Tuition cost for school in Poland is competitive but the cost of living is less compared to other countries.

Save money getting around Warsaw and rent a Dollar Car Rental. Enjoy a stunning park with a well-preserved mansion and a breathtaking lake at Lazienki – Royal Residence Park. Walk the streets of Old Town and learn about Warsaw’s World War II era.


Get into the Polish spirit, meet new people and enjoy dinner or lunch at the Old Town Market. Stop at St. Anne’s Church (Kosciol Swietej Anny) and see a jaw-dropping interior with a huge organ and stunning sculptures.

Study in the most powerful country in computer programming and also the place where Pascal started. When you study in Switzerland count on finding great job opportunities.


Learn your way around Zurich and book the perfect Dollar Car Rental. Relax, go for a great paddling experience, and enjoy the great views of Lake Zurich. See breathtaking views of the Zurich when you get to the top of Uetliberg Mountain.

Take a look at the beautiful architecture before you enter Hauptbahnhof to shop for food and clothes. See a good selection of eclectic art ranging from the 15th to 21st century at Museum of Art.

Make a good investment and learn computer programming in the first country to include computer programming in schools. A degree in computer programming will connect you to big companies.

Feel part of Budapest and book a Dollar Car Rental to go on the hunt for hot spots. See a beautiful architectural masterpiece and stop at Parliament. Enjoy an inside tour of Parliament or for an outside tour take a boat ride.

Go for a night walk to  Chain Bridge and see illuminated and enjoy beautiful views of Budapest. Get a cup of coffee or tea in a relaxing environment while classical music is being played at New York Palace.

Don’t settle for less and study at top countries known for computer programming. You’ll need a car to get around, worth considering a Dollar Car Rental.

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