Running Unikernels in 2019 with OPS

Unikernels have spent far too long as an academic exercise as researchers tried to figure out ways of shrinking the operating system while improving application security and performance. One of the largest problems with unikernels has traditionally been that they have remained out of reach for the average developer because of their reliance on low-level… Read More »

How BI Is Reshaping The Culture in DevOps Workspace

Anyone working in tech today can feel the cultural shift. Though it didn’t happen overnight, DevOps has already had a permanent impact on the way we all do business. Another big disrupter is Business Intelligence (BI), and it’s closer than DevOps than you think. To understand how and why DevOps and BI can not only… Read More »

Big Challenges Facing DevOps In 2019

Business and technology go hand-in-hand. This is one reason many startups center around IT. Such startup operations understand the exponential growth which accompanies IT, and which was noticed as far back as the sixties by Gordon Moore. About every eighteen months, or so it’s presently reckoned, the computational ability of computers doubles on itself.

Python Database Connection

Let us learn how to perform a Python database connection, and thereby, connecting your Python application to a MySQL database.

Python Range Function

Let us learn what is Python range function and how to implement the range() function in multiple ways with examples, explanation and much more.

Calculation View in SAP HANA

Let us learn what is a calculation view in SAP HANA and how to create a calculation view in HANA with a step by step approach.

Tips For Improving Your Website Loading Time

With the internet home to nearly 2 billion websites, there is a lot of competition for the eyeballs of the hundreds of millions of daily internet users. In order to have a successful website, you need to stick out above the crowd.

Free Android Apps for Downloading YouTube Videos

YouTube is clearly the best video streaming website in the world. With the release of its app, YouTube has become the most widely used video streaming service. There are billions of videos on YouTube and every day, more than a thousand videos are uploaded.

7 Critical Tips to Learn Programming Faster

Did you realize that there are nearly 295,000 jobs for computer programmers in the United States? Taking a job in this industry will allow you to challenge yourself on a daily basis while getting paid a competitive salary.

Top Tweaking Apps for Rooted Devices

Once your device has been rooted, tweaking and customizing it is so easy to perform. Instead of doing it on your own, you can take help from the following five apps. These five apps are the best Android apps that can perform easy tweaking (for free) on rooted Android devices. Feel free to use them… Read More »

Top 5 Must Have Android Apps in 2018

Android is certainly the best application platform to be in 2018. Due to its vast majority of uses, and the compatibility, Android has become a benchmark for all other mobile operating systems. Today, there are more than 500 million apps on Android. Some of them are for free, while some are the paid / premium… Read More »

What is COCOMO Model in Software Engineering?

Let us understand the different types of COCOMO model in software engineering and their applications. The COCOMO Model stands for Constructive Cost Model. Barry W. Boehm developed this model, and it is a procedural software cost estimation model.