5 Tools Every C Programmer Must Use

By | May 15, 2016

5 Important Tools Every C Programmer Must Use

1. Linux Operating System

Linux is an Open Source and Freely available Operating System for all the machines. Linux is the need of the hour. Shut Down your Microsoft Windows, and start using Linux. It’s the best environment if you want to be a good computer programmer. You can Learn Linux Programming, Unix Programming, Linux Socket Programming and even TCP Socket Programming in C Language. Windows don’t let you concentrate on the basics. You get everything in a GUI. Linux also has some awesome GUI developments recently.

Best Tool For C Programmers - Linux Ubuntu Operating System For C Programming

For Starters, I would recommend using Ubuntu, Fedora, Kali. There are numerous other Linux Distributions available for free. Try these first. Linux will actually help you to learn C Programming efficiently. It has numerous IDEs if you want to develop it on an IDE.

Download Linux Ubuntu From Here

2. gEdit Editor

If you’re into C Programming, you must know gEdit Editor. It’s a very simple editor. gEdit is the default Editor in Linux Ubuntu. It is so versatile that you can write codes of any programming language and still compile it with whatever Compiler or Interpreter you like. gEdit is one of the most recommended Ubuntu C Editor by Programmers worldwide.

gEdit Editor - Tools Every C Programmer Must Use

It can help you to compile Java, C, C++, Python, HTML, Javascript and any other programming language that you can think of. It is far better than Windows Notepad. It also has configurable syntax highlighting, auto indentations, text wrapping and much more. It provides complete support for UTF – 8. gEdit can be used for Linux Socket Programming as well. gEdit is one of the Most Important Tools Every C Programmer Must Use.

More About gEdit Here

3. GCC Compiler

To Learn C Programming, you obviously need to install a Compiler that can compile your C Programs. There are so many free compilers available for C Language. However, GNU GCC Compiler has been at a good rank for quite a long now and is very stable that other C Compilers.


GCC Compiler is a Free C Compiler and the Default C Compiler in Linux Ubuntu OS. It’s one of the most preferred compilers for professional C Programmers. Looking for a high paying job? Get this Compiler installed. You can install GCC Compiler in Windows Operating System too. The GCC Compiler includes Front – End and Libraries for Java, C, Ada, Objective – C, Go and C++ programming languages.


Get GCC Compiler Here

4. Vim Editor

Vim is a highly configurable and an advanced Text Editor built to provide easy text editing for Beginners and Advanced Level Programmers. Vim is a little intimidating. There are a lot of Vi Commands available for Free on the Internet. However, with constant practice, you can learn it and then you will not use any other Editor. It has quite a lot features that can help you in programming including Syntax Highlighting and much more. The Vim Editor is one of the Best Linux Text Editor For Beginner Level and Advanced Level Users.

Vim Editor For C Programmers in Linux Ubuntu

Vim is actually an advanced version of Vi Editor that comes in Unix Systems. Vim is by default available in Linux Ubuntu OS. Vim is a Charity – ware Software. You might have heard of Freeware and Purchased. Actually, Vim is a Distributed and a Freely available software, and its licence is GPL – Compatible. The Vim Founders encourage donations so that they can help the children in Uganda.

Download Vim Editor Here

5. CodeBlocks IDE

CodeBlocks is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that provides a built – in Editor, Compiler, Syntax Highlighter and much more. It provides a complete development environment fo you to focus more on programming instead of its basics. CodeBlocks is highly configurable and can be extended with Plugins. CodeBlocks is available at Zero Cost. There are many other C Programming IDEs that you may try. CodeBlocks is Best IDE for C Programming Language.

Tool Every C Programmer Must Use

CodeBlocks is an Open Source and a Cross-Platform environment. It offers extensive features for C Programming that will help you to become a professional C Programming. CodeBlocks can be installed in Linux, Microsoft Windows OS and even in Macintosh systems. If you love programming in a GUI environment, CodeBlocks is what you should use. CodeBlocks is the Best C IDE is best for C Linux Programming that includes Free C Compiler Program.

Download CodeBlocks Here

We hope that you found the 5 Tools Every C Programmer Must Use interesting and would implement it. Please Comment if you have any suggestions.

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