About Us

CodingAlpha was started on August 26, 2015 by Tushar Soni and Ajay Sawant. Our primary motive is to provide programming codes and tutorials for students, teachers and software professionals. We work very hard to develop accurate and perfect program codes and tutorials.

CodingAlpha provides programming codes and tutorials for C Programming, SQL, Data Structures, How – To Tutorials for Beginners with detailed description and algorithm analysis.

Our Team

Tushar Soni

He is too pursuing MCA from Pune, India. CodingAlpha is his brainchild. He has worked as an SEO Analyst, a Web Developer, a Content Developer for different websites. He is passionate about Programming and Technology and loves to share knowledge with others.

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Ajay Sawant

He is pursuing his Masters in Computer Applications from Pune, India. He was an investor of CodingAlpha.

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