Address Calculation Sort C Program

By | October 5, 2016

C Program To Implement Address Calculation Sort Algorithm

Learn how to implement Address Calculation Sort Algorithm in C Programming Language. This code for Address Calculation Sort in C makes use of Linked List.

What is Address Calculation Sort Algorithm?

The Address Calculation Sorting makes use of Hash Function Algorithm for sorting a set of elements. These types of functions are generally known as Order Preserving Hashing Function. This function is applied to all the elements to be sorted. According to the value of the hashing function, every element to be sorted is to be placed in a pre-defined set.

Every set is represented by a linked list. The starting address of each linked list can be maintained by an array of pointers. In every set, the elements have to be inserted in sorted order and, therefore, sorted linked lists needs to be taken.

C Program For Address Calculation Sort Algorithm using Linked List

Address Calculation Sort Algorithm Analysis

The time is dependent on the insertion time of elements in the sorted linked list. This algorithm is not an in-place sort but it is a stable sort.

The run time depends on how the hash function distributes the elements amongst the lists. If every element is evenly distributed among different lists, then run time will be O(n), else it will be O(n2).


C Program To Implement Address Calculation Sort Algorithm in Data Structure using Linked List

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  1. Gaurav Shinde

    I don’t think anyone uses Address Calculation Sort Algorithm to sort integer arrays.

  2. Pankaj Soni

    I will have to first understand hashing algorithm and its concept before this sorting program!

  3. Vikas Kulkarni

    The address calculation sorting algorithm is an advanved version of ther insertion sorting algorithm. It basically used extra memory space for improvement.


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