Android Studio in Windows 7 Installation Guide

By | January 4, 2016

Complete Guide To Download and Install Android Studio in Windows 7

This article will help you out with a Step-By-Step Tutorial to Download and Install Android Studio in Windows 7 and Windows 8 Operating System. This Android IDE Windows Installation Guide can be used in Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. We have described each and every step in great detail. The Android N features are really good and it helps Android Development more easier.

Android Operating System is the largest shareholder in Mobile Phones Operating System Worldwide. It therefore gives a tremendous opportunity for Programmers and Developers to develop Android Applications. The Android Studio is powered by IntelliJ Platform.

Google provides Android Application Development Suite known as Android Studio or Android SDK which can be used to Develop Android Applications. Also, they provide an extensive set of Resources and Tools where you can learn everything about Android and other relevant things.

Note: It is important that you should have Java JDK Update 8 Installed on your Microsoft Windows OS. In case you don’t have Java, you can view our Step-By-Step Guide For Java JDK 8 Installation on Windows.

Part I: Download Latest Android Studio SDK For Windows 7

First, you have to Download the latest Android IDE (Integrated Development Environment) or the Android SDK from Official Android Website.

Download Link: Download Android Studio Bundle

Step 1: Verify Operating System Requirements

You have to Select the Operating System that you want to Install Android Studio on. Android Studio works on Microsoft Windows, Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora) and Macintosh Operating Systems.

I would suggest you to Check the System Requirements before you Download and Install Android Studio in Windows Operating System.

Download Android SDK with Windows 8

Step 2: Verify and Accept the Terms and Conditions

You will get a Terms and Conditions Manual by Android after you Click on the Download Android For Windows Button. Read the Terms and Conditions if you have the patience.

Download Android Studio Bundle - Terms and Conditions

Step 3: Download Android Studio SDK For Microsoft Windows 7

After you have Read the Terms and Conditions, you can Download the Android SDK by Clicking on the Blue Button below the T&C Agreement.

The Android SDK does not take much time for downloading due to Very High Speed Google Servers. It normally takes a maximum of 5 minutes. However, sometimes it may take few hours depending upon your geological location.

Install Android SDK and ADK in Windows

Part II: Install Android Studio in Windows 7

Step 1: Run Android Studio Bundle Application Setup

After you have successfully Downloaded the Android SDK for Windows Platform, you get an Executable version of the Android Studio Bundle Software which you can then Install.

Run the Android Studio Bundle Application Software by double clicking on the .exe Icon. It will then Launch a Verification Installer System. Wait till it Completes.

Android Studio Bundle Installation - Verifying Installer

Step 2: Android Studio Setup Initialization

After the Installer Verification completes the process, the Android Studio Setup Installation will be launched by the Verification Installation. Click on Next Button.

Install Android Studio Bundle in WIndows 10

Step 3: Choose Components To Install in Android Studio

By Default, all the Three Check – Boxes are Selected. If in case, any Check – Box is not Selected, you have to Check them manually.

You should have all the following Check – Boxes Selected:
1. Android Studio
2. Android SDK
3. Android Virtual Device

After you have selected all the Check Boxes, Click Next.

Install Android Studio in Windows 7 Complete Guide

Step 4: Accept License Agreement

Next Dialog Box depicts the License Agreement which you must Read before Installing Android Studio SDK Software.


Click on “I Agree” Button to continue Android Studio installation.

Install Android SDK in Windows 7 - License Agreement

Step 5: Set the Configuration Settings in Android Studio

The Configuration Settings includes the Location for Android Installation on the Hard-Disk. It asks for User – Specified storage locations.

Select appropriate path or folder as per the Memory availability. The memory space availability must be at least 5GB for the Android Application to work efficiently.

Click on Next Button after you are done with the configuration settings.

Setup Android Studio in Windows 8

Step 6: Choose Start Menu Folder

Select the Start Menu folder in which you would like to create the Android Studio Application Program Shortcuts.

Then, Click on Install Button.

Setup Android SDK in Windows 10

Step 7: Initializing Android Studio Setup Installation

Android Studio start Extracting its Software and Packages. It may take a few minutes to Extract everything depending upon your Computer’s Processing Speed.

Install Android SDK in Windows 7 Complete Tutorial

Step 8: Android Studio Setup Installation Completed

This Screen depicts the Completion of Installation of Android Studio. Then, Click on Next Button.

Download Android and Setup in Windows 7

Step 9: Launch Android Studio Application

After the Android Studio Installation process is completed, you can start the Android Studio Application from there itself by Selecting the Check – Box “Start Android Studio” above on the Dialog Box. Click on Finish Button to Terminate the Last Dialog Box.

Setup Android Software in Windows 7 Tutorial

Part III: Run Android Studio in Windows 7

Step 1: Launch Android Application

This is the First Screen that appears when you launch Android application.

Run Android SDK in Microsoft Windows 8.1

Step 2: Loading Components Screen

This is the Second Screen which works on Loading the Components to run Android Studio. It takes a few seconds.

Load Android SDK and ADK in Microsoft Windows 10

Step 3: Loading Configurations Screen

The Third Screen is where Android Studio loads Configuration Settings.

Download and Install Android Studio in Windows 7 Loading Configuration

Step 4: Tips of the Day Dialog Box

Android Studio provides a special dialog box where they give Tips Every Day related to Android Application Development and some features about Android Studio.

Install Android Studio SDK in Microsoft Windows 10

Step 5: Android Studio Work – Space

Finally, you’re into the Android Work – Space where you can start developing your Android Applications.

Install Android NDK package in Windows 7 Tutorial

We hope that our Tutorial to Install Android Studio in Windows 7 helped you to correctly execute your application. In case you got any issues, feel free to ask us in the Comment Section below.

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