Best C Programming Book For Beginners

By | June 4, 2017

Find out the most popular and best C programming book for beginners and advanced level programmers here. These are one of the most preferred C programming reference books by the programmers worldwide.

If you’re just starting in the programming world and if you’re starting with C programming, it is really important that you study C programming with complete focus as it will help you to grasp other programming languages very easily.

Best C Programming Book For Beginners

1. Let Us C By Yashawant Kanetkar

Best C Programming Book For Beginners and Advanced Level Students

Let Us C is authored by Yashavant Kanetkar, and this is one of the most popular C programming books worldwide, especially in India. The primary advantage of this C programming book lies in its simplicity. The topics in this book are explained in great detail with numerous examples.

This book ensures simplicity and covers the basic and advanced concepts of C programming language and focuses more on the conceptual part. The Let Us C programming book is regarded as one of the best C programming books by the beginners and advanced level programmers and you must check this out.

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2. Programming in ANSI C By E. Balagurusamy

Top C Programming Reference Books

The Programming in ANSI C book is authored by E. Balagurusamy. It is also the second most popular books for C programming worldwide. This book follows the programming principles suggested by American National Standards Institute and also, C89 or C90 standards. This book is profound in most of the aspects of the C programming language.

It is a must read for every beginner programming student. This C programming book is informative yet simple to understand and has a lot and lot of coding exercises with proper explanation of each and every topic. It includes a lot of case studies, projects, source codes for C programming libraries and helps the reader to understand the programming language.

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3. C: The Complete Reference By Herbert Schildt

Best C Programming Reference Book

The Complete Reference: C Programming is authored by Herbert Schildt. This book is based on the ANSI/ISO version C99. This C programming reference book offers a complete and in-depth explanation of C libraries, pointers, complex mathematical models and much more. There is a reason why this is called as a reference book and it truly is one.


This is one of the best C programming book and also regarded as the primary reference books on C programming and will help you in each and every aspect of it. It has a deep explanation on almost each and every topic that you can think of in C programming language. If you want to transform yourself from beginner C programmer to advanced level C programmer, then this is a must buy.

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4. The C Programming Language By Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie

Best C Programming Books For Beginners

The C Programming Language is a fantastic book written by the creators of C programming language – Dennis Ritchie and Brian KerninghanThis book is considered the most authoritative book on C programming language and is one of the best C programming books if you really want to excel in programming. This book covers numerous programming concepts with ANSI approach and lets the readers understand the C programming language from a programmer’s point of view.

We wouldn’t suggest you buy this C programming book if you’re a beginner as it may not help much. But, once you’ve read other books and if you’re good with the basics of C programming language, you must go ahead and buy this book right now. It could be one of the best investments in your programming career.

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5. C in Depth By S.K. Srivastava and Deepali Srivastava

Best C Programming Book For Beginners Reference

This book is written by S.K. Srivastava and Deepali Srivastava and is really a very good book for beginner C programmers. It focuses on explaining the C programming concepts in a very detailed manner yet simple enough for the novice programmers to understand it. This C programming book is preferred by a beginner as well as advanced level C programmers.

It consists of a large number of C programs with more than 450 exercises for you to solve them. You should refer to this book if you want a good command over C Programming concepts. It consists of multiple programming exercises with a good focus on building programming base for the readers. This book helps you build a good command over C programming language with a good understanding of the concepts.


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These were some of the most popular C programming books recommended by well-known programmers worldwide. If you know about best C programming book for beginners and advanced level programmers, let us know about them in the comment section below.

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  1. Arun Sharma

    Let Us C by Yashvant Kanetkar has always been by first choice. I really love his simple writing skills and it helps to understand the things so easily.

  2. Rahul Sharma

    I personnaly prefer C in Depth. It gives complete info on C language.

  3. Sunny Rathod

    You should have also included “C Recipes” by APress publishing house. Its a good book also.

  4. Akshay Garg

    Thank you so much for this. Amazing books all of them.

  5. Surya Rathi

    Is there a black book for C programming like we have it for HTML and others?


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