Caesar Cipher Algorithm C Program

By | November 1, 2016

Let us learn how to write a program to encrypt and decrypt using caesar cipher in C programming. Here, we shall see two different ways of implement caesar cipher algorithm in C programming language.

What is Caesar Cipher Algorithm?

The Caesar Cipher algorithm is one of the oldest methods of password encryption and decryption system. It is popular by the following naming conventions:

  • Caesar shift
  • Caesar’s cipher
  • Shift cipher
  • Caesar’s code

This caesarc cipher encryption algorithm is a kind of substitution cipher wherein every character in the plain-text or the user input is replaced by another character which is defined with a fixed number of positions away from the existing character.

Caesar Cipher Encryption and Decryption Example


Encrypted String: KLMNOPQRST

As you can find out from the encrypted string, we have moved every character’s position by 10 towards the right. You can implement your own complex calculations as well.

However, this method cannot be implemented in real time systems for encrypting and decrypting strings as these are very easy to decode. In this method, every string character is replaced by a fixed value.

Apart from caesar cipher encryption and decryption algorithm, there are many different algorithms used for encrypting and decrypting passwords or strings. Some of them are:

Here, we have taken an array of characters in the encrypt and decrypt functions. We have incremented and decremented the string characters by 10 in decrypt and encrypt functions respectively.

The strlen() method is used to find the length of the string and it is defined in the string.h header file. The stdlib.h header files include the definitions for exit() method.

C Program To Implement Caesar Cipher Algorithm

Note: This implementation of caesar cipher in C programming language is compiled with GNU GCC compiler on Linux Ubuntu 14.04 operating system.

Caesar Cipher in C Language [Encryption]

Caesar Cipher in C Language [Decryption]

Method 1: Caesar Cipher Encryption and Decryption Program in C with Output


C Program For Encryption and Decryption using Caesar Cipher Algorithm

Here is another code to perform Encryption and Decryption using Caesar Cipher in C programming


It makes use of a key which is taken from the user and the generated encrypted string is manipulated accordingly. The temp variable takes in the character from the string.

Method 2: C Program For Encryption and Decryption using Caesar Cipher Algorithm



Algorithm for Caesar Cipher in C programming for Encryption and Decryption Algorithm

If you have any doubts or compilation errors in this C program to perform encryption and decryption using caesar cipher algorithm, let us know about it in the comment section below. Find more about it on Wikipedia.

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