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Big Challenges Facing DevOps In 2019

Business and technology go hand-in-hand. This is one reason many startups center around IT. Eighteen years ago, in 2001, it would have been hard to imagine a 128-bit next-generation video game on your cell phone. Now you can download Crazy Taxi for free from the app store, and that illustration actually under-represents just how large… Read More »

Free Android Apps for Downloading YouTube Videos

YouTube is clearly the best video streaming website in the world. With the release of its app, YouTube has become the most widely used video streaming service. There are billions of videos on YouTube and every day, more than a thousand videos are uploaded.

Top Tweaking Apps for Rooted Devices

Once your device has been rooted, tweaking and customizing it is so easy to perform. Instead of doing it on your own, you can take help from the following five apps. These five apps are the best Android apps that can perform easy tweaking (for free) on rooted Android devices. Feel free to use them… Read More »

Top 5 Must Have Android Apps in 2018

Android is certainly the best application platform to be in 2018. Due to its vast majority of uses, and the compatibility, Android has become a benchmark for all other mobile operating systems. Today, there are more than 500 million apps on Android. Some of them are for free, while some are the paid / premium… Read More »

Download Grammarly Keyboard For Your Android And iOS device

Whenever it comes to grammar checking and proofreading tools, Grammarly is something that we all prefer. The tool has been on the internet for a really long time. However, for a really long time, Grammarly was only available for the Web browsers and Microsoft Office.   But do you know the fact that Grammarly has… Read More »

Software Development Outsourcing Trends

In order to minimize the cost of development software companies are diving to software development outsourcing. Every day many new languages, frameworks are developed and it is possible to have knowledge about all technologies for a software developer.