Christofides Algorithm C Program

By | September 13, 2016

C Program For Christofides Algorithm for TSP

Learn How To Implement Christofides Algorithm in C Programming for solving Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP). Here, you will get complete details of the Algorithm for solving Christofides Problem.

What is Christofide’s Algorithm Travelling Salesman Problem?

Christofides Algorithm is an approximation algorithm to find the optimum and most efficient solution to the Travelling Salesman Problem. The Christofides Heuristic approach for solving TSP Algorithm is an approximation algorithm that offers the solution for Travelling Salesman Problem via Christofides Heuristic Algorithm within the range of 3/2 of the optimal solution length.

This is the best approximation ratio for solving the Travelling Salesman Problem using Christofides Solution Algorithm in C Programming. The Christofides Approximation Algorithm, therefore, helps to achieve 3/2 approximation to the Travelling Salesperson Problem Algorithm

Need of Heuristics Approach

  • No Perfect Estimation on the Quality of the Solution
  • Guaranteed to Execute in Polynomial Time
  • Generates Intuitive Algorithms

Need of Approximation Algorithms

  • Guaranteed to Execute in Polynomial Time
  • Finds Better Solution within 1 – 2% of the Optimal Solution to the problem

Christofides Algorithm

Let G be a complete graph with a set of vertices v and a function w makes every edge with a non-negative value for its real weight.

  • Create a Minimum Spanning Tree T from the Graph G.
  • O is a set of vertices having an Odd Degree in the Minimum Spanning Tree.
  • Find Minimum Weight perfect matching M in the abstracted subgraph from O.
  • Build a Connected Multigraph H where each vertex has an even degree by combining edges of M and T.
  • Develop and Eulerian Circuit in the graph H.
  • Construct the Hamiltonian Circuit by excluding repeated vertices from the circuit of the previous step.
Implement Christofides Algorithm in C Programming for Travelling Salesman Problem Algorithm

C Program For Christofides Algorithm


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  1. Vikas Khurana

    After so many searches gone in vain, I finally found out a good explanation and an algorithm in C programming for Christofides algorithm. Thanks.

  2. Naresh Singh

    The travelling salesman problem can’t be approximated better than 1.0081 in polynomial time.

  3. Pankaj Dhende

    You can get 1-approximation can be obtained by adapting a truncated version of Held and Karp’s exact O∗(2n)O∗(2n) where n is the number of cities or points.


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