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By | June 8, 2016

Java Program To Download A Webpage using Command Line

Learn How To Write a Java Program To Download A Webpage using Command Line Arguments on the Console Screen. This Code To Download a Website Page in Java makes use of Advanced Java Programming concepts. The package plays a very important role in the code.

This Java Code To Fetch the Webpage saves the webpage in an HTML format in a text file. It, therefore, helps you to Save a Webpage for Offline Reading.

How To Enter Command Line Arguments

java class_name complete_url file_name

java DownloadWebpage CodingAlpha

The First Argument needs to be have the complete URL of the Webpage to be downloaded. It has to even the HTTP or HTTPS. The Second URL is used for saving the webpage in the system. Therefore, you can give it a name along with its extension such as .HTML, .HTM, .TXT and many others. The default extension is .HTML.


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Code To Download Website in Advanced Java Programming


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Advanced Java Tutorial To Download a Webpage in Java using Command Line Arguments

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