Download C4Droid For Android (C/C++ Compiler)

By | September 11, 2016

Run C Programs in Android – Download C4Droid For Android (C/C++ Compiler)

Learn How To Download C4Droid For Android Smartphones with all the plugins and fully working C/C++ Compiler in this article. This app helps you to run C/C++ Programs on Android Smartphones.

C4Droid Android App is an offline Android-based C/C++ Compiler which enables programmers to write, compile, run and save their code in their Android phones itself. There is no need to switch on a laptop or a desktop computer to run C Programs.

Let us see how you can Download and Install C4Droid APK for Free in your Android Smartphones. Let us first understand what is C4Droid Android App and about its features.

Download C4Droid For Android C Compiler Free Version of c4Droid APK 5.96

C4Droid Application is a robust, powerful and a user friendly C/C++ Compiler for Android based Smartphones. It also provides an in-built C/C++ Integrated Development Environment (IDE). C4Droid For Android enables programmers to Run C Programs in Android phones. C4Droid APK does not require to root your Android device.

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Features of C4Droid Android Application

  • Git Integration Available
  • Rooting your Android Smartphone is not required for installing C4Droid APK
  • ISO C 99 version and Complete ANSI C support along with Tiny C Compiler
  • GCC Compiler Plugin available
  • Portable Source Codes
  • Offline C Compiler which helps you write, compiler and execute source codes without any Internet Connection.
  • Syntax Highlighting, Automatic Indentations, Code Formatting, Undo and Redo, Code Completion and many other related features
  • Export files as Native Executable
  • Customise your GUI design according to your preference
  • Complete support for C++11 with GNU GCC Compiler
  • Debugger facility available
  • Makefile Support
  • Open Source Library Support

If you want to C4Droid For Android, the C4Droid Android App is available to download on Google Play for Rs. 192.36 only. If you want, you can buy this app. Else, find the C4Droid APK Cracked Free version below in this article.


To Install C4Droid APK Free in your Android Phone, you need to install two plugins:

  1. GCC Plugin
  2. SDL Plugin

You need to download and install both these plugins in order to install C4Droid Android APK. Here is the GCC Plugin for C4Droid APK Download Procedure.


Here is the C4Droid Free APK to Install and Run C/C++ Programs with GCC Compiler in Android Smartphones. Download the latest version of C4Droid Android Application which is C4Droid APK Version 5.96 which works smoothly in latest Android 6 Marshmellow. The C4Droid 5.01 APK Version is an old version and the new C4Droid 5.96 Version has improved a lot.

Steps To Install C4Droid C/C++ Android Compiler in Android Smartphone

  1. Download C4Droid Cracked Android APK from the below given link
  2. Goto Settings and turn on the Unknown Applications Installation option
  3. Install C4Droid Free APK
  4. Downlod SDL Plugin and Install it
  5. Download GCC Compiler Plugin and Install it
  6. Restart your Android Smartphone
  7. Start C4Droid Android APK and Compile C/C++ Programs

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Ctrl + F To Find Text
  • Ctrl + B To Compiler or Build Source Code
  • Ctrl + A To Select All
  • Ctrl + D For Auto Completion of Text
  • Ctrl +R To Run or Execute Source Code
  • Ctrl + C To Copy Text
  • Ctrl + V To Paste Text
  • Ctrl + X To Cut Text
  • Ctrl + Z To Undo
  • Ctrl + Y To Redo
  • Ctrl + S To Save Text
  • Ctrl + O To Open A File From Device or Memory Storage
  • Ctrl + L For Goto Line Option

If you have any Errors in C4Droid For Android Installation in your Android Phones or if you’re not able to Compile C Programs in your Android phone, let us know about it in the Comment Section below.

19 thoughts on “Download C4Droid For Android (C/C++ Compiler)

  1. Harish Soni

    This C4droid App is just awesome. Thanks for providing c4droid apk for free. Why to pay 192 when you are getting it for free?? 🙂

  2. Sumit Dantale

    I have installed c4droid, SDL plugin and GCC compiler according to the steps said above. But, only c4droid APK is showing in the Apps Directory. Other plugins SDL and GCC are not displayed in Apps. What could be the reason?

    1. Tushar Soni Post author

      Yes. This is a common error with this installation. Just restart the phone and you will be able to see all the other plugins like SDL and GCC.

  3. Mayur Vidhate

    Thanks a lot for providing C/C++ Compiler for free. This is so good.

  4. Harish Mahamuni

    Are there any other C compilers for Android platform apart from c4droid apk?

  5. Parag Vidate

    I would download a paid version of c4Droid apk for my android nexus 5. These guys have worked hard. They must get their due.

    1. Vikas Mittal

      I have used both the versions of C4droid Android application. The version uploaded here is working better than the latest version of C4droid v5.96.

  6. Belal Khan

    Perfect. Thanks for providing complete plugins for installing c4droid android app.

  7. Rahul Sharma

    The best part of c4droid c compiler is that it supports three different compilers such as GCC Compiler, TCC and G++. So, now c4droid is a C++ compiler as well.

  8. John Rathore

    Thanks very much. C4droid is just an amazing C compiler for my samsung phone.

  9. Sanjay Sawant

    Perfect tutorial to instalk c4droid omin Android and running c programs.

  10. Prashank Jadhav

    The C4droid 5.01 APK is equally good for compiling C programs on Android phones.

  11. Anonymous

    I installed all the three but when i try to compile it shows successfull but when runs the codes it shows an error like sh: /data/data/com.n0n3m4.droidc/files/temp: not found please help me out

  12. Rakesh Mehta

    While there are so many other C compiler for Android phones, I have tried and tested all the other Android C Compilers. I found that C4Droid is the easiest to work with with so many features. Thanks for this guide as well.

  13. حمزة حمزة

    hi, Mr Tushar Soni

    i followed you guide to install c4droid , but it won’t work

    first i installed c4droid cracked
    then i insatalled gcc and sdl

    and restarted the phone

    but after restarting the phone the app opens , but still demanding to install gcc , sdl

    please do you have any solution.

    i don’t like to use cracked app , but i don’t have a chice because i can’t buy from google paly.

    thanx alot 🙂

  14. Rajendra Mishra

    This is an awesome application for practicing C programming. I am loving my Android phone now. Is it also available on iOS?


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