Download GCC Compiler For C4Droid (Android C/C++ Compiler)

By | September 2, 2016

Install and Download GCC Compiler For C4Droid (Android C/C++ Compiler)

Learn How To Install and Download GCC Compiler For C4Droid APK in Android Smartphones with all the supporting plugins and fully working Android C/C++ Compiler for Android in this article. This app helps you to run C/C++ Programs on Android Smartphones.

Let us see how you can Download and Install GCC Plugin APK for Free in your Android Smartphones. Let us first understand what is GCC Compiler APK Android App and about its features.

GCC is a compiler developed by GNU as a project which supports numerous programming languages such as C, C++ and many others. Recently, GNU has launched a GCC Plugin for Android that helps to run C Programs in Android Smartphones. GCC combined with a UI (SDL Plugin) is integrated and C4Droid Application is formed. GCC Compiler APK does not require to root your Android device.

Download GCC Compiler For C4Droid C Compiler Version 5.3.0 in Android

Features of GCC Compiler Plugin For Android C Compiler


  • Complete ANSI C and ISO C 99 version support along with Tiny C Compiler
  • Complete support for C++11 with GNU GCC Compiler
  • Open Source Library
  • Offline C Compilation and Execution Support. Therefore, no mandatory requirement of an active Internet Connection.
  • Makefile Support
  • Debugger facility available

The GCC Compiler Plugin For C4Droid Android Application is available to download for Free on Google Play. You will get the link to Download GCC For Android at the bottom of this article.

To Install GCC Plugin For Android Smartphone, you need to install two other plugins:

  • SDL Plugin
  • C4Droid APK

You need to download and install both these plugins in order to install C4Droid Android APK and Run C Programs on Android Smartphones. Here is the supporting SDL Plugin for C4Droid APK Download Procedure.

Here is the GCC Compiler APK to Install and Run C/C++ Programs in Android Smartphones. Download the latest version of GCC Compiler Android Application which is GCC Plugin APK Version 6.1.0. This GCC Plugin for C4Droid works smoothly in latest Android 6 Marshmellow version.

Steps To Install GCC For C4Droid Compiler in Android Smartphone


  1. Download C4Droid Android APK in your Android Mobile Phone
  2. Goto Settings and turn on the Unknown Applications Installation Feature
  3. Download Android SDL Plugin and Install it
  4. Download and Install GCC Plugin for C4Droid from the below given link
  5. Restart your Android Mobile Phone
  6. Execute C4Droid APK and Execute C/C++ Codes


If you have any Errors in GCC Compiler Installation in your Android Phones, let us know about it in the Comment Section below.

14 thoughts on “Download GCC Compiler For C4Droid (Android C/C++ Compiler)

  1. Harish Patel

    You have made the C4droid installation process just so simple. This GCC Plugin for C4droid works perfectly fine in my LG G3. Thank you mate.

    1. Tushar Soni Post author

      There may be. I have tried only C4Droid where we have to explicilty install GCC Compiler. Other simular Android C Programming Apps include buil-in Compilers. But, I guess they also must be using GCC plugins.

  2. Rahul Kumar

    I installed GCC Compiler in Android based Samsung Galaxy J2. However, it does not show the app in the Menu Pages. How do I solve it?

    1. Tushar Soni Post author

      This is a common error Rahul. After installing C4Droid and GCC Compiler, restart your mobile phone. It should show the GCC Compiler in the Apps Menu. If it does not then you must reinstall C4droid, SDL Plugin and GCC Compiler again (in the same order).

  3. Rajnish Tuli

    Amazing Guide To Download GCC Compiler for Android Smartphone. Haven’t seen a complete guide as this one so far.

  4. Cyborg

    I can’t get it to work on my device application says need to update gcc which already is..


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