Download SDL Plugin For C4Droid (Android C/C++ Compiler)

By | September 2, 2016

Install and Download SDL Plugin For C4Droid (Android C/C++ Compiler)

Learn How To Install and Download SDL Plugin For C4Droid APK in Android Smartphones with all the supporting plugins and fully working Android C/C++ Compiler in this article. This app helps you to run C/C++ Programs on Android Smartphones.

Let us see how you can Download and Install SDL APK for Free in your Android Smartphones. Let us first understand what is SDL Plugin Android App and about its features.

SDL Plugin for C4Droid Android App is a Graphical User Interface Application. This GUI app helps the programmers to write, compile and execute C Programs on Android Smartphones via C4Droid APK. SDL Android Plugin is not a standalone application. This plugin allows to run SDL / SDL2 / Qt and NativeActivity applications in your Android Smartphone. SDL APK does not require to root your Android device.

Download SDL Plugin For c4Droid For Android C Compiler Version 2.0.4

Features of SDL Plugin For Android C Compiler


  • Customise the Graphical User Interface as per your preference
  • Automatic Indentations and Tabs, Code Formatting, Code Completion, Syntax Highlighting, Undo and Redo and many other important features.
  • Run SDL2 / SDL / NativeActivity and Qt applications

The SDL Plugin For C4Droid Android Application is available to download for Free on Google Play. You will get the link to Download SDL Plugin For Android at the bottom of this article.

To Install SDL Plugin in your Android Smartphone, you need to install two other plugins:

  • GCC Plugin
  • C4Droid APK

You need to download and install both these plugins in order to install C4Droid Android APK and Run C/C++ Programs in Android Smartphones efficiently. Here is the supporting GCC Plugin for C4Droid APK Download Procedure.


Here is the SDL APK to Install and Run C/C++ Programs using GCC GNU Compiler in Android Phone. Download the latest version of SDL Plugin Android Application which is SDL Plugin Version 2.0.4 which works smoothly in latest Android 6 Marshmellow. The requirement of Installing SDL Plugin is that the device must have minimum Android version 2.0.4.


Steps To Install SDL Plugin for C4Droid Android Compiler in Android Smartphone


  1. Install C4Droid Android APK on your Android Smartphone
  2. Goto Settings and turn on the Unknown Applications Installation Option
  3. Download Android GCC Compiler Plugin and Install it
  4. Download and Install SDL Plugin from the below given link
  5. Restart your Android Smartphone
  6. Start C4Droid Android Application and Compile C/C++ Codes

If you have any Errors in SDL Plugin Installation in your Android Phones, let us know about it in the Comment Section below.

6 thoughts on “Download SDL Plugin For C4Droid (Android C/C++ Compiler)

  1. Vinisha Patil

    Thanks a lot. I was having a problem of finding this App on the Internet. Finally I got the correct and working version of SDL plugin and I am able to now run C Programs on my Android Galaxy S3 Phone. Thank you so much.

  2. Harish Soni

    Thank youvso much for providing complete steps to download and install SDL plugin in Android. I have successfully installed c4droid APK in my Nexus 5.

  3. Pooja Hegde

    I jave installed all the apps according to your procedure. But, this SDL plugin for Android is not appearing in my Apps folders. But, it says that it has been successfully installed in my Android phone. I am using Android 4.4 kitkat version.

    1. Tushar Soni Post author

      Don’t worry Pooja. Just restart your Android Smartphone. You’ll get the SDL plugin App on your Home Screen or in the Apps Bar.

  4. Virendra

    The SDL plugin is really amazing. You have explained why it is used. :D. Thanks 🙂

  5. Nch Vamsi

    The GUI of C4Droid Android application is just so easy to program and get the output. Thanks to the developers!


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