Find First and Follow of a Grammar C Program

By | October 9, 2016

Let us learn how to find first and follow of a grammar in C programming. There are two different C programs to find first and follow of non-terminals in a given grammar.

The first of a grammar can be written using structures as well. Here, we have used array data structure to calculate first and follow in C programming.

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What is First and Follow?

The first and follow sets are used in compiler designing process. The first set is used in LL parsers which are top – down parsers that read or interpret from left to right.

The follow set is used in LR parsers which are bottom-up parsers that read or interpret from right to left.

The LL parsers use leftmost derivations whereas the LR parsers use rightmost derivations. A predictive parser is constructed using first and follow sets that are associated with Grammar G.

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Note: This C program to find First and Follow sets of a Grammar using Array is compiled with GNU GCC compiler and developed using gEdit Editor in Linux Ubuntu operating system.

C Program To Find First of a Given Grammar using Array



C Program To Find First and Follow of a Grammar using Array

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C Program To Find Follow of a Grammar using Array


C Program To Find Follow of a Grammar using Array

If you have any compilation error or doubts in this first and follow of a grammar program in C language, let us know about it in the comment section below.

17 thoughts on “Find First and Follow of a Grammar C Program

  1. Harsh Singh

    Bottom-Up and To-Down Parsers uses follow and first functions to make a parsing tree from a given grammar G.

  2. Mahesh kunal

    This code finally works for computation of follow and first for designing my compiler.

  3. Ayan Sharma

    A switch case or a while loop would be much easier to understand. Do while confuses a lot.

    1. syed zahid hasan

      plz help me……………, i could not understand any code,plz forgive me,plz help me…………plz

  4. Vikas Kumar

    You can also use Extended Backus Naur Form to automatically calculate Follow and First of a Grammar.

  5. Taurn Talreja

    This program for follow is not working . It gives segmentation fault . Please Help. My code is similar to you . Input is

    First I give E as input to find follow and then A it gives correct output for E but gives segementaton fault for A

  6. Ravindra Pal

    This is one of the best explanations of parsing with first and follow set program in c programming language. Thank you so much CodingAlpha team.

  7. Vishal Sethi

    If we use the following for loop for(count = 1; count <= limit; count++) in this first of grammar c program, will it make any difference?

  8. Mayank Rathor

    Is the first and follow concept used in compiler designing?

  9. Pawan Chauhan

    For learning compiler designing, you must read Compiler Design – K. Muneeswaran. Its a very good book available on Amazon.

  10. Renuga

    i got a problem while running the follow program, the program was stopped when the find_follow function was calling.i can’t find that what issue is there.


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