Free Android Apps for Downloading YouTube Videos

By | October 26, 2018

YouTube is clearly the best video streaming website in the world. With the release of its app, YouTube has become the most widely used video streaming service. There are billions of videos on YouTube and every day, more than a thousand videos are uploaded.

This may be amazing, but it comes with a big downside as well. Videos cannot be downloaded from YouTube easily. There are complicated processes for some, while other websites seek donations. None the less, no website can download YouTube videos for free. To overcome this misconception, here are five amazing apps for Android that let you download YouTube videos for free.

  • TubeMate – Tubemate is the best YouTube video downloading app for Android. It is regarded as the best video downloader in the world by many. First of all, TubeMate is free from bugs and bloatware. It allows users to download as many YouTube videos for free as they want to. There are no micro-transactions or subscription charges in the app. It also works with every single online video for free. This means that you can download any video from any website for free. This can be done with the help of the embedded web browser. Feel free to download any number of videos online with TubeMate.


  • VidMate – When it comes to downloading YouTube videos, there is no other app better than Vidmate. Vidmate is a feature loaded YouTube video downloading app that can download up to 720p (HD) videos for free. It is such a light app that works smoothly on every device. You can download unlimited videos with Vidmate from YouTube. Since it is free from ads or bloatware, Vidmate does not lag or crash unnecessarily. Instead, you can easily download online videos with it. Apart from YouTube, Vidmate also has support for many other video streaming websites as well. Now, users can also download apps and games with Vidmate. You can download Vidmate from for free.


  • Snaptube – If watching online movies, shows and cartoons is your thing, then Snaptube is the perfect app for you. It also doubles up as a YouTube video downloading app. You can download thousands of YouTube videos for free with Snaptube. Since it comes with video cloud acceleration, all of the YouTube videos get downloaded faster than they normally do. All of the videos get loaded easily and run very smoothly. It is totally up to you whether you want to download the online videos or whether you want to stream them online for free. Download Snaptube today for Android and Windows.


  • Videoder – Videoder is another one of the well-known video downloading apps for Android. It has a lot of options and features that make Videoder very easy to use. Talking about ease of access, this app also comes with a very user-friendly interface. This interface ensures that people of all age group can use this app easily. Downloading online videos is very easy with Videoder. All you have to do is to come up with the video URL and the app does the rest. Download Videoder online today if you want a great video downloading experience.


  • KeepVid – With KeepVid you will be able to easily download YouTube videos. There are no hidden micro-transactions or anything with this app. Simply download KeepVid and start downloading online videos easily. With KeepVid, users will be able to download a lot of wonderful and amazing online videos online for free. YouTube is full of amazing videos and KeepVid can download all of them for free in HD. In fact, KeepVid is one of the very few apps that are capable of downloading HD videos for free.

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