Hash Table using Separate Chaining C Program

By | October 5, 2016

Learn how to create Hash Table using Separate Chaining in C Programming Language. The separate chaining hash table implementation makes use of Linked List in C Programming. There are different hashing algorithms such as Bucket Hashing, Linear Probing, Separate Chaining, etc.

Hash tables offers finding the element in less key comparisons, making the search operation to execute in a Constant Time. Therefore, the search time for the element is independent of the number of records.

Separate Chaining Concept

In separate chaining implementation of hash tables, linked lists are used for elements that have the same hash address. The hash tables in this scenario does not include the actual keys and records. It contains only an array of pointers where pointer points to a linked list.

All the elements having the same hash address will be stored in a separate linked list and the starting address of that particular linked list will be stored in the index of the hash table. In the chaining method, the comparisons are done only with the keys that have the same hash values.

The disadvantage of Separate Chaining is that it needs an extra space for storing pointers which is dependent on the table size and the records.

C Program For Hash Table using Separate Chaining and Linked List


Hash Table Implementation using Separate Chaining in C Programming using Linked List

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