Picards Method C Program

By | June 25, 2017

Let us understand the concept of Picards Method in numerical analysis and learn how to implement Picard’s method in C programming language.

What is Picard’s Method?

The Picard’s method is an iterative method and is primarily used for approximating solutions to differential equations.

The Picard’s iterative method gives a sequence of approximations Y1(x),  Y2(x), ….., Yk(x) to the solution of differential equations such that the nth approximation is obtained from one or more previous approximations.

The Picard’s iterative series is very easy to implement and the solutions obtained through this numerical analysis are generally power series.

Picard’s Iteration Method Formula

Picard's Iteration Method Formula for differential equations

Picard’s Iteration Example

Initial Value: 20
End Value: 40
Allowed Error: 0.5
X = 20.000
Y(1) = 202518.2917
Y(2) = 42001177.1458
Y(3) = 1569554.333

Note: This C program for Picard’s method is compiled using CodeLite IDE with GNU GCC compiler on Microsoft Windows 10 operating system. However, this Picard’s method C program is compatible with all other operating systems.

C Program To Implement Picards Method using For Loop


C Program For Picards Method using For Loop in Numerical Analysis with Example and Output

If you have any doubts about the implementation of Picards’s method in C programming, let us know about it in the comment section. Find more about it on MathForum.

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