Transpose of Matrix C Program

By | September 28, 2015

C Program To Find Transpose of Matrix

Learn How To Find Transpose of Matrix in C Programming Language. It is important that we should know How A For Loop Works before getting further with this transpose program.

What is a Matrix?

A Matrix is basically an Array Data Structure consisting of Multiple Rows and Columns. It is also known as a Three – Dimensional Matrix.

How To Calculate Transpose of Matrix?

To find the Transpose of any Matrix, you need to Interchange Rows with Columns of Matrix and Columns with Rows of the Matrix.

The Transpose of any Matrix can be found out by different methods. The first method focuses on a simple implementation that copies the Rows of First Matrix into the Columns of Second Matrix and the Columns of First Matrix into the Rows of Second Matrix. The Second method makes use of a Single Matrix Array where the Rows are converted into columns and columns are converted into Rows. The Third method makes use of Functional approach in C Programming

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Method 1: C Program To Print Transpose of Matrix without using Functions


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Method 2: C Program To Find Transpose of Matrix using One Array


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Method 3: C Program To Calculate Transpose of Matrix using Function

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C Program To Find Transpose of Matrix

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  1. Vijay Kumar

    Fantastic. This is just awesome. I was finding transpose using only one array variable and I got so many variants.

  2. Ganesh Chandgude

    Transpose Program is so simple. I had thought it was very difficult. I could not make the for loop. Tried so many variants. This code is good.

  3. Vishal Mehta

    I finally understood how to pass array to a function with the help of this C program to find transpose of a matrix. Thanks.


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