Warshall’s Algorithm C Program

By | August 22, 2016

C Program To Implement Warshall’s Algorithm To Find Path Matrix

Learn how to Implement Warshall’s Algorithm to find path matrix in C programming. Alternatively, we can find path matrix of any graph by using powers of an Adjacency Matrix. However, Warshall’s Algorithm provides an efficient technique for finding path matrix of a graph.

The Warshall Algorithm is also known as Floyd – Warshall Algorithm, Roy – Warshall, Roy – Floyd or WFI Algorithm. It is a type of Dynamic Programming. It is basically used to find shortest paths in a weighted graph with non – zero edge weights. The Warshall algorithm is an efficient algorithm to compute compute paths between all pairs of vertices in dense graphs.

C Program For Warshall Algorithm For Finding Path Matrix of Graph

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C Program To Implement Warshall’s Algorithm to Find Path Matrix


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C Program To Implement Warshall's Algorithm To Find Path Matrix

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    1. Tushar Soni Post author

      Yes. Ofcourse. Here is the list of some of the frequently used algorithms to compute the path matrix. There could be many more algorithms apart from these.

      • Djikstra’s Algorithm
      • Bellman Ford Algorithm
      • Johnson’s Algorithm
      • A* Search Algorithm
  1. James

    Thanks for the explanation and program for Warshall. Looking forward to learn more from this website.

  2. Srishti Soni

    Dijkstra’s algorithm is much better than warshall’s algorithm to find path matrix.

  3. adil

    P[i][j] = (P[i][j] || (P[i][k] && P[k][j]));
    what does this do can you please explain??

  4. Neeraj Mishra

    Thank you so much! This Warshall code is just so simple and good.


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