Xiaolin’s Wu Line Algorithm C Program

By | June 2, 2017

Let us understand what exactly is Xiaolin’s Wu line algorithm in computer graphics and then let us see how to implement  Xiaolin’s Wu line drawing algorithm in C programming using different methods.

What is Xiaolin’s Wu line algorithm?

The Xiaolin’s Wu line drawing algorithm is used for line anti-aliasing. This technique is primarily used in digital signal processing and is efficient than Bresenham’s line algorithm.

Anti-aliasing is the technique of minimising the distortion artefacts. It is used when there’s a need to represent a high-resolution image at a lower resolution.

The Xiaolin’s line algorithm is comparatively faster but slower than Bresenham’s algorithm. However, the Bresenham’s algorithm cannot provide anti-aliasing.

Anti-aliasing is used in digital photography, computer graphics, digital audio, and many other applications. Here’s an example of the difference between a normal line and an anti-aliased line.

Xiaolin's Wu Line Algorithm For Anti-Aliased Line Drawing in Computer Graphics

If you face any issues while compiling this Xiaolin’s Wu line algorithm code, you may have to install sdl.h library in your operating system.


Note: This C program for Xiaolin’s Wu line algorithm is compiled with Turbo C compiler on Microsoft Windows 10 operating system.

Xiaolin’s Wu line algorithm in C Programming using Function

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