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By | September 4, 2016

How To Install and Download C Compiler For Android Phones

Learn How To Install and Download C Compiler For Android Phones with this complete guide. Run C Programs in your Android Smartphones using GCC Compiler and Compile and Run C/C++ Programs on Android Platform. This guide focuses on how to install different C Compilers in Android Phones to Compile C Codes in Android.

We have enlisted the two most famous Android Applications to Run C Programs in Android Smartphones. Both these Apps require Android 4 or later versions. Download C Compiler For Android Phones to Execute C Programs in your Android Phones and learn Programming efficiently.

1. C4Droid – C/C++ Compiler and IDE

C4Droid Android Application is a complete C/C++ Compiler App which provides facility to Write, Compile, Run and Save C Programs in Android Phones. There is no need for an active Internet Connection to Compile C Programs. The C4Droid APK is therefore an Offline Application. It is basically an IDE that provides built-in Editor, Compiler and other tools for Programming.

Download C4Droid For Android C Compiler Free Version of c4Droid APK 5.96

The latest version of C4Droid Android APK is 5.96. The previous stable version of C4Droid APK was 5.01. The recent version of C4droid Android APK is available on Google Playstore for Rs. 192. However, there is a Cracked and Free version of the C4Droid Android APK. You will get it in this article.

The C4Droid Application requires two different plugins to be installed with this APK:

  1. GCC Compiler Plugin
  2. SDL Plugin

GCC Compiler is a universal compiler to compile C / C++ Programs. Now, it is available in your Android phones as well. This plugin is available for free in Google Playstore. The SDL Plugin helps in making effective User Interface to work with this App.


Features of C4Droid Android APK


  • Offline C Compiler
  • Syntax Highlighter
  • Automatic Code Completion
  • Automatic Indentations
  • SDL, SDL2, Qt Support for GUI
  • No Root required
  • Complete ANSI C and ISO C99 Support
  • Customizable GUI
  • Themes Support
  • GIT Integration

You need to download and install both these plugins in order to install C4Droid Android APK. Here are GCC Plugin and SDL Plugin for C4Droid APK with complete steps.

2. CPPDroid – C/C++ IDE

This C Programming Compiler is another great Android application to Run and Compile C Programs in Android Phones. CPPDroid is a simple yet complete C Compiler and IDE App that helps to learn Programming. This app requires a total of 150 MB of Internal Memory storage space.

Install and Download CPP Droid and Download C Compiler For Android Phones

The other advantage of CPP Droid App is that it provides C Programming Examples and Tutorials within it which helps to understand and learn C Programming efficiently. It is also an offline C Compiler Android App and does not require the device to be rooted.

Features of CPPDroid Android APK


  • Automatic Code Completion Tool
  • Landscape and Potrait UI
  • Syntax Highlighter
  • Proper Warnings, Errors and Solutions
  • Auto Indentations
  • Themes for UI
  • Run, Compile C/C++ Programs without Root
  • Offline Compiler
  • C/C++ Code Example and Tutorials
  • Auto Updates and Additional Plugins

If you have any doubts or Errors to Download C Compiler For Android Phones or if you have any issues in Installing C Compilers in Android Smartphones, let us known about it in the Comment Section below.

13 thoughts on “Download C Compiler For Android Phones

  1. Ritesh Yadav

    Finally, now I can run C Programs in my Android Phone. This GCC Plugin in C Compiler is quite familiar to me and no more modifications are required. Just copy code from computer and Run it in the phone. Thanks! 🙂

  2. Raju Saigal

    I would prefer C4Droid APK over CPPDroid app. CPP Droid consumes more memory than C4droid. It hangs my phone.

  3. Rajesh Manohar

    Both these Apps are good. But, I prefer CPP Droid over C4Droid APK. For C4Droid, we need to install SDL Plugin and GCC Compiler Plugin separately whereas in CPP Droid APK, everything is included in it. This makes Installing C4Droid C Compiler in Android Phones a little time consuming.

    1. Tushar Soni Post author

      Yes. There are pros and cons of every Android Application. Try both these applications. Keep the one that makes you comfortable to Run C Programs on your phone.

  4. Mayank Rathor

    There is also another IDE to Run C Programs in Android mobile phones which is Terminal IDE.

  5. Vijay Kush

    Thank you for providing me the c compiler for android free download with all these installation steps.

  6. Anil Shinde

    Yes!! Finally I got a Free C Compiler for my Android phone. Thanks! But, does this have any validity period or so? I hope this does not have any security or product key?

  7. Vishal Pawar

    This is too good man! I am just wondering how do they make apps to run C programs in android phones.

  8. Ankur Singh

    Yay! Now, I can run c and c++ programs in my Android phone. This is the best guide to download and install c compiler. I’ll recommend it to my programmer friends.

  9. Raj Shekhar

    Installed CPPdroid in my Samsung Galaxy Alpha G850F phone. There are so many other apps for c programming android. Must try it once.

  10. Donna Phung

    Finally, after a lot of hustles for removing the already installed apps in my phone which were taking up too much space, I could install the C Compiler in my HTC Android phone. Now, I can do programming without my Lappy! 😀


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