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By | August 7, 2018

If you are running an online business and have your own website, you probably optimized it for mobile devices, allowing your customers to access it from any place that has an internet connection.

But what happens if your customers have questions? Many won’t email you and of course, they won’t call: that’s not the 21st century way. A lot of people just hate calling and let’s not forget about those with hearing or speech difficulties.

Live Chat Support is the easiest way to help customers make their choice and answer their questions.

Providing an easy way for communication is important if you want to prevent potential customers from leaving your website after they couldn’t find an answer to their question or had problems checking out.

One of the best ways to let your customers get in touch is to add a live chat feature to your website. It has many advantages:

  • If you use the phone, one agent can talk to only one customer at a time. But with live chat, one agent can simultaneously chat with several visitors and not force them to hang on the line.
  • The conversation history is there, and if an agent can’t solve the question and has to connect the customer to another specialist, they won’t have to explain everything again.
  • Agents can prepare canned responses to frequently asked questions, and it takes a few seconds to find and send the correct response.
  • Most live chat tools display information about a visitor, such as their location, referrer URL, pages browsed, etc., which allows agents to personalize their replies.
  • If an agent cannot provide a reply right away, or a customer wants to gather their thoughts, they can just say so and take their time, avoiding awkward pauses or having to hang up and call back later.

There are many companies on the market that provide live chat tools. Our personal favorite is Chatra

The installation is simple: you just need to sign up and add the widget code to your website, preferably into the header section. They also have plugins or apps for different platforms (Shopify, Ecwid, WordPress, OpenCart, etc.)

After the installation there’s no need to touch the code again, all the settings can be done from the dashboard unless you decide to use their API for advanced customization.


Distinctive features

    • Conversation history
      While some services keep the conversation history only during the current session, Chatra keeps it forever both for you and your customers. So your customer can come back, see previous messages and continue the conversation anytime.
    • Messenger mode
      Even if you can’t provide support right away, you can use the offline messenger mode to collect offline messages and reply to them later. The messenger form shows photos of agents, looks more inviting and is more effective than email.
    • Automatic triggers and visitors online list
      These features allow you to start a conversation automatically when certain conditions are met, or manually. This way you can prevent cart abandonment and get more chats. Automatic triggers can work even when you are offline
    • Typing insights
      See what your customers are typing even before they send a message, and prepare a reply beforehand.
    • Group Chats
      Several agents can chat with the same visitor to solve complicated questions and impress with the level of service.
    • Desktop and mobile apps
      Use a browser or install a desktop or mobile app to chat with your visitors even when you are on the go.
    • Integrations
      Chatra integrates with different services, including Zapier, Help Scout, Slack, Google Analytics, Front.


They have a free plan with basic features and a paid plan with all features. The pricing starts at $15 per month. Before paying, you can test everything for 2 weeks after you sign up.

Click here to give an amazing Live Chat Support App – Chatra a try.

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