Simpsons 1/3 Rule C Program

By | August 2, 2016

Let’s understand the Simpson’s 1/3rd rule method in numerical analysis and implement Simpsons 1/3 rule in C programming language.

What is Simpsons 1/3 Rule?

The Simpson’s 1/3rd rule is used in numerical integration. Integration is the process of measuring the area under a function plotted on a graph. The Simpson’s 1/3rd rule was developed by a mathematician named Thomas Simpson.

The Simpson’s 1/3rd integration method is primarily used for numerical approximation of definite integrals. This specifically means that Simpson’s integration rule is used in complex integration calculations.

It is a method to approximately calculate the definite integral. The Simpson’s theorem is used to find the area under a given curve. The Simpson’s method corresponds to the 3-point Newton-Cotes quadrature rule as well.

The Simpson’s integration method is a little time consuming compared to other methods in numerical analysis and is also a little difficult to implement computationally.

Simpson’s Rule Formula

Simpson's 1/3 Rule Formula

Algorithm For Simpson’s 1/3 Rule

Note: This C Program for Simpson’s 1/3 rule is compiled with GNU GCC compiler on CodeLite IDE. However, it is compatible with all other operating systems.

Method 1: C Program For Simpson’s 1/3rd Rule using Function


Simpsons 1/3 Rule in C Programming with Example, Output, Explanation and Algorithm

Note: This C Program for Simpsons Integration 1/3 rule is compiled with GNU GCC compiler on Linux Ubuntu operating system. However, it is compatible with all other operating systems.


Method 2: C Program For Simpsons 1/3 Rule without using Function



C Program For Simpson's 1/3 Rule

If you have any doubts about the implementation of Simpson’s 1/3rd method in C programming, let us know about it in the comment section. Find more about it on Wikipedia.

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